About the group

The Research into Educational Innovation Group (GIE) is made up of professors of the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of A Coruña. Our work is inspired by a strong sense of moral commitment and the responsibility and obligation to contribute to a more just world. To this end we explore possibilities for an emancipatory education dedicated to the defense of human rights for all social groups, with particular emphasis on those that suffer the consequences of an increasingly unjust world, and find themselves silenced and marginalized.

Our principal lines of investigation include:

  • Educational and curricular policy and social justice.
  • Equity and inclusive education.
  • Education and information and communication technologies.
  • Early childhood education.
  • Action research and evaluation.
  • Media-based education.
  • Content analysis of teaching materials.
  • Educational innovation.
  • Research into hidden and explicit curricula.

In order to assure the broadest possible dissemination of the results of our research, we employ this website, as well as participation in national and international conferences and symposia, scientific meetings, and seminars and courses.

We hope that our work serves to facilitate more informed decision-making and debates involving the participation of as many professionals as possible. We also strive to open this participation to anyone who is convinced that a better world is possible, and that it will depend on and a more just, democratic, and supportive educational system.

We are integrated in RedeTELGalicia [TELGalicia Network], a network of research groups interested in the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in education, mostly focused on primary and secondary education.

Participating groups have a wide range of experience with developing e-learning projects, albeit with different focuses. While some of the groups concentrate on developing technologies and infrastructures, others are primarily concerned with teaching practice and pedagogy. This link between technology and pedagogy reflects the interdisciplinary orientation of this area of research, which requires contributions and coordination from both sides.


Recent publications

NÚÑEZ MAYÁN, Mª Teresa (2017) La doble red educativa, especial-ordinaria, resiste las políticas inclusivas, A. RODRÍGUEZ- MARTÍN. Prácticas Innovadoras inclusivas. Publicaciones Universidad de Oviedo. págs. 291- 298 read online
NÚÑEZ MAYÁN, Mª Teresa (2017) Estudiantes con discapacidad e inclusión educativa en la universidad: Avances y retos para el futuro, Revista Nacional e Internacional de Educación Inclusiva, Vol. 10, nº 1, págs. 13-30 read online
DIGÓN REGUEIRO, Patricia (2017) ¿Qué ha cambiado? Los contenidos infantiles en la Televisión de Galicia una decada después, Proceedings from ||| Congreso Internacional de Educación mediática y Competencia digital.Segovia read online
VÁZQUEZ FREIRE, Miguel, DIGÓN REGUEIRO, Patricia (2017) La alfabetización audiovisual, una visión desde Galicia, Proceedings from III Congreso Internacional de Educación mediática y Competencia digital. Segovia read online

Research projects

El desarrollo de capacidades y actitudes positivas hacia la ciencia implicadas en la competencia científica en el tránsito entre la educación primaria y secundaria
financed by:
Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (MINECO)
principal researcher:
Susana García Barros
y otros
Género, transnacionalismo y estrategias intergeneracionales de movilidad social
financed by:
Ministerio de Economía e Competitividad (MINECO)
principal researcher:
Laura Oso Casas
Belén García Cabeza

Latest directed theses

A aprendizaxe da música a través da relación da música culta da tradición occidental e da música popular moderna e contemporánea. Unha investigación etnográfica na Educación Secundaria Posobrigatoria
Luis Román Suárez Canedo
Jurjo Torres Santomé, Mar Rodríguez Romero
June 28, 2019
Facultade de Ciencias da Educación da Universidade da Coruña
Sobresaliente cum laude
Poder y Educación: la construcción de los universos sociopolíticos a través de los discursos y las prácticas curriculares mediadas por los libros de texto
Jaime Alberto García-Serna
Jurjo Torres Santomé
February 12, 2019
Sobresaliente cum laude.